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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I've loved seeing the differences in how people live outside of the States, and if there's one thing I'll bring back home with me, it will be an appreciation for just sitting and being still. London has amazing parks, and you can stroll through them at any time of day and see people reading, eating, sun bathing and just relaxing in general. I tried it myself and found that it is quite an amazing way to spend a lunch hour.

Yesterday we visited Hyde Park, which is one of the largest parks in London, and Kensington Gardens which connects to it. Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park contain two memorials to Princess Diana. One of these is a playground which includes a huge wooden pirate ship, among other things that would delight any child, and you have to be with a kid to get in {a really good idea, if you ask me}. However, adults are welcome thirty minutes before the park officially opens and we took full advantage of that!

The second tribute is the Diana Memorial Fountain. What I assumed would be a fountain in the traditional sense actually turned out to be a sort of splash park. I was told that it was very controversial at first because the British people thought Diana deserved something grander, but I think she would have loved this. There were children playing and laughing everywhere.

We may not have immaculately kept, Royal parks at home but they are still beautiful and I definitely need to start taking advantage of them. But I may have to wait a month or two, as I heard it reached 106 degrees in Arkansas today!

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