Thursday, July 14, 2011

I met London today, and she's just fabulous. After touching down at Heathrow Airport, I hopped in one of the city's iconic black taxi cabs and asked, "99 Great Russell Street, please!" which was really more like an excited proclamation than a request. I couldn't stop grinning as we wove thorough the charming little streets, and I bet the driver must have thought {insert Cockney accent here} "Yep, she's a first-timer aw right."

After checking in at the FSU Study Centre, I had to lug all of my baggage to our flat a few blocks away. I met my lovely roommates, then we all went back to the Study Centre for a welcome reception and a walking tour of our neighborhood. We're staying in Bloomsbury which is at the center of the city and was described to us as being like the Upper West Side of London - fancy!

After that, a group of us went out for Indian food, which was tasty, but super spicy!!! It's been an amazing day, but I'm positively EXHAUSTED and am so ready for bed. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Mom said...

I was wondering about you! Seems everyone was posting traveling beauty! Sounds like you have had a fantastic...and spicy day. Have a wonderful time! Love you!!!! Mom

Germ said...

Super jealous! Glad you made it there safe. Don't forget to start looking for my European dream girl!

Christina said...

Don't worry mom, I was just out wandering the streets (kidding! I'm fine. :)

Jeremy - I'm on the lookout!!

Love y'all!

Mom said...

Hi Chris, this is dad.
Heard your XNA flight took off late. Maybe they had to get help loading your luggage? HA! HA!
Don't take any wooden pounds.
Love Dad

Christina said...

Maybe so! Another passenger helped me stow my carry on and he nearly had a hernia! :-)

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