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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I knew today was going to be good when I walked outside and didn't need to break out my jacket. While I definitely do not miss the 100 degree temperature and suffocating humidity back home, this cool weather isn't really my thing either (am I being too picky? :). But today was absolutely gorgeous - there was a tiny hint of sun and we may have even reached 70 degrees!

To go along with this lovely weather, we enjoyed a nice change of pace today. Other than our usual 9am meeting time, we didn't have a strict agenda; no tour guides to meet and no appointments to make. Ahh, wonderful.

We started the day off by taking a long walk to Regent's Park; a 400 acre greenspace full of gardens, lakes and fountains. I've never seen a more gorgeous or immaculately kept park in my life, and I can't imagine how many people it must take to maintain it. And it's so peaceful that I nearly forgot that I was in the center of London.

After meandering through the park, we made our way to Primrose Hill {and when they say hill, they mean HILL! I practically needed my hiking boots}. From there, we had an amazing view of the city and it was the perfect place to slip off our shoes, eat some lunch and soak up a little bit of sun.

If you're a fan of the movie Mary Poppins, you might also remember that Primrose Hill is where the Banks children danced around while singing the song Let's go Fly a Kite - which is exactly what we did (yes, the flying and the singing!). Historically, I've been a horrendous kite-flyer, but this must have been my day because I actually did pretty well for once. Or maybe it was the fact that I had a Little Mermaid kite- flying is sort of like swimming in the air, right?

In the end, today was a little bit like Mary Poppins herself - practically perfect in every way. :)

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