A night at the Globe

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Wednesday night, we saw an amazing performance at the Shakespeare Globe {I feel like I'm describing everything as amazing, but it truly all is!}. This open air theatre is a reconstruction of Shakespeare's 1614 performance venue and the plays are performed the same way they would have been 500 years ago - with no mics, no lighting effects, and with part of the audience standing in front of the stage.

The performance we saw actually wasn't one of Shakespeare's, but a newer play called Anne Boleyn. If it's been a while since you studied British history, Anne Boleyn was the second of Henry VIII's six wives and was beheaded for treason, adultery and witchcraft - all of which were likely false accusations. The performance wasn't only entertaining {funny, sad, thought provoking}, but also secretly educational...I learned more about the lives of Henry and Ann than I ever would have sought to on my own.

It seems like I'm picking up little nuggets of British history everywhere I go and am finding that the monarchy is actually really fascinating. Before going home, I'd really like to visit the Tower of London, which is where Anne Boleyn was executed {and where the crown jewels are kept!}. I also have a list of movies/TV shows to watch when I return. Among them, The Tudors, The Young Victoria, and The Madness of King George. I'm not sure, but I think I may be turning into an Anglophile.

But back to the Globe - if you ever find yourself in London during the summer, I HIGHLY recommend you seeing a show! So wonderful!

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