London 2012

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I became obsessed with the Olympics in 1996, when the summer games were held in Atlanta. You might recall that this was the year of the "Magnificent Seven"; those tiny little girls who won the United States their first ever gold medal in women's team gymnastics. Kerri Strug was my hero, and if you showed me the clip of her landing that final vault, despite having an injured ankle, I'm pretty sure I'd still tear up today. I attempted back handsprings on my mattress for days after that.

So naturally, I was very excited to see the construction site of the 2012 Olympics today. They'll be held in East London, which has historically been an industrial and slightly impoverished part of the city. Many of the improvements being made will last long after the Olympic Park is torn down, and it's hoped that the area will be revitalized as a result. The games kick off on July 27, 2012 - which is exactly one year, one week and one day away! I wonder if there's still time for me enter?

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