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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today we traded in the hustle and bustle of London for the quiet serenity of the English countryside. This was exactly what I needed - after several days of projects and 1am meetings for a class I'm taking back home, I've been left completely exhausted and in desperate need of a breather!

Our bus arrived at 8:30 am and we embarked on a two hour journey to Stonehenge. On our way, we saw rolling hills and many a bouncing sheep. Our Scottish tour guide, Sean, told us that England has more sheep than any other country besides New Zealand. However, the official number varies because the people who count them keep falling asleep. Ba-dum-ching! This was just one of the zingers Sean had for us today - he was a hoot!

Stonehenge was amazing and mysterious and all of the things you'd expect. I really wish someone would just tell me how it was formed, and why. I mean, I like a good mystery just as much as anyone else does - but only when it's solved in the end. You can't just leave me hanging! We were told that the smaller, interior stones came all the way from Wales and the larger stones, each of weighs about 25 tons, came from a quarry about 25 miles away. How on earth were they moved? Well personally, I don't think it was done on earth at all. I think it was done by aliens. Yep, that is the only plausible explanation. :)

After exploring the mysteries of Stonehenge, we hopped back on the bus and took a 30 minute drive to Salisbury, a charming little city in Wiltshire. While we were there, we took a tour of Salisbury Cathedral, which is absolutely gorgeous and supposedly one of the best examples of early English architecture. It also holds the best-preserved of the four original copies of the Magna Carter.

After the tour, we were unleashed to explore the city for a couple hours. But I was exhausted, so I quickly ate lunch, walked around for a few minutes and then returned to the cathedral to take a nap on the lawn {people do this here - I wasn't just being a weirdo}. It was an absolutely beautiful, sunshiny afternoon and this was by far the best part of my day. Luckily, the church bells woke me up when it was time to leave - otherwise I'd probably still be there snoozing!

A few snapshots from my day in the country:

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